Too Many Broths Spoil the Cook !!!

Way ...Too Many....
Way …Too Many….

Surprised …

Well, we all know that’ Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth’… but have you ever considered the reverse.

If only one cook has to cater to a huge number of different broths … guess the results … The first broth may be the epitome of culinary excellence but what about the last one… well well as long as no one is serving it to me, am happy.

Now lets look at the investment angle…

When we talk of financial planning and financial advise …the more the merrier !!! End result … confusion … more confusion … finally investment in fixed deposits. And we think… atleast the capital and return are secured. Does this situation ring a bell?

The More The Merrier
The More The Merrier

But then again, we also have a situation where we take advise from different people and implement some portions of the plans of each advisor.

So instead of diversification of investments to reduce risk… we have diversified advise and increased the risk .End Result … a cacophonic investment portfolio …

For most of us … investing is not our bread and butter … its just the icing on the cake. Hence the time we can spend on deliberating and implementing investment ideas is limited.

Expert Advice
Expert Advice

We have to depend on an expert for investment advice… but we also need to do our homework for it’s our hard earned money.

While creating an investment portfolio, it is essential that we have at least a basic idea about the asset class we are investing in. We should restrict ourselves to fewer investments… for a better focus and even better management.

Variety In Investments
Variety In Investments

Variety is the spice of life… but too much variety in investments may make the portfolio tasteless…

or should I say … too many broths will spoil the cook…

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