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Atithiti Deva Bhava
Atithiti Deva Bhava

In these last few months got ample time to …introspect… The realization actually dawned on the practicality of ‘Atithi Dev Bhav’.

Think most of us need some motivational factors to do non-essential activities. It is only when we are expecting guests, our delicate crockery comes out. The search for that misplaced big tray and table tissues begin.

We notice that the curtains desperately need to be cleaned. The cupboard, our normal storehouse … gets transformed into a Mess Accumulator. And once when everything is properly out of sight … its time for our Guest to be ushered inside… without giving him the actual insight.

Atithiti Induced Clean House
Atithiti Induced Clean House

The best-managed part is after we have bundled away our ‘mess’, we strictly adhere to an ‘out sight out of mind’ policy … Instead of going through the tedious process of searching for things in the ‘Mess Accumulator’, we move to other things.

We also do similar things for investments. Most of us maintain our investments in an ‘inside the cupboard ‘ manner. Have you ever seen or heard anyone discuss his investments openly …think not.

As an investment advisor, there have been instances where I have had to pass through an Aquaguard sort of filtering to finally get to discuss investment details.

There is another thing that we do … almost a clone of our ‘Mess Accumulator’ …that is our ‘Investment Accumulator’. When we invest with a long time perspective, we go on investing without actually taking stock of our existing stock. Whenever we come to know of an attractive investment idea, and think we can spare some cash …we invest.

The result unless exceptionally lucky… a redundant portfolio … which may not agree with the time value of money.

It is but natural that we may come across attractive investments, but it is important to ascertain its suitability on our risk-return matrix. It is essential to validate that the new investment is in synch with our previous investments.

Investments depend upon a number of macro and microeconomic factors. So ‘Once upon a time, Good Investment’ may not be a ‘Forever Good Investment’.

Investments need to be monitored
Investments need to be monitored

There is a need to monitor investments on a regular basis. Patience and perseverance of an investor are essential for investments to flourish. Another quintessential thing is the fundamental knowledge of an advisor to help to weed out the underperforming investments and advise the investor on apt investments.

Whether it is a Mess Accumulator or an Investment Accumulator … there is a need to take stock … decide upon a garage sale or hold with a long term view … Both money making ideas … The option is yours …

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