Manifestoes, Media and Markets

There is always a winner
It’s that time of the year

The much-awaited Election is just around the corner. The Last minute Political Party Manifesto refinements are in process. In yesteryears, preparation of Manifestoes was a lot simpler than their current Avatar. Now we have Manifesto committees. Some political parties have developed websites to get the views and suggestions on expected Manifesto items . And if that’s not enough, we also have the Media discussing and giving their suggestions on Manifestoes.

Talking of media…it is ever super active. Elections are the most sort after topic. Previously, politicians could campaign, deliver speeches, make accusations at their sweet disposal. But now with so many news channels hunting for breaking news, everything said for and against is recorded verbatim.

Manifestoes!? Media is one it!
They always have something happening

In case, a casual but aggravating comment somehow slips in the frenzy of delivering a political speech … you are sure to know about it… for our media was just waiting to catch such a delivery. Not just that, the media will also inform when the comment was passed, the degree of truth of the comment, possible use of the same comment in the past, the repercussion of such comment and if you are still looking for something more… you can watch a live debate on the rationality of the comment.

Considering the level of preparations required and the excitement the election generates, it almost like a festival. The media is busy 24×7 sharing consensus of the population as to the preferred political parties … logical options for cabinet ministers and the list continues. It’s almost like a mini planning commission.

What about our Equity Markets? We as investors try desperately to find out which sectors or companies will be positively impacted in the event of various parties coming to power. Our business media channels are ever generous in giving their opinions on the same. We try our level best to select that undervalued stock which will grow by leaps and bounds post-elections. This is one time when we can safely write ‘INVESTMENTS IN EQUITY MARKETS ARE SUBJECT TO POLITICAL RISKS’.

If you are one of such an investor, don’t miss our next blog on Upcoming General Elections and the Equity Markets.

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