Goals are a Priority but Do You Prioritize your Goals?

Achieving Goals
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Last week … life on the roads was just as usual … bikers were speeding here and there. And then came the Biker … riding like a Street Hawk.

What captured my notice was that the biker was not wearing a helmet but was wearing an anti-pollution mask. This made me realize that even though in general, we think that wearing a helmet is a must from a safety point of view, but to the Biker … the priority was healthy air.

A little more deliberation made me understand the psyche of the Biker. Been in Mumbai, the probability of the Biker breathing in unhealthy air is 100 %, whereas the chance of his actually needing a helmet to safeguard against an accident was far less.

The food for thought here is we need to behave in a similar way with our goals for planning our investments… PRIORITIZE.

We have a lot of aspirations ranging from planning for a holiday to buying a house; saving for Children’s education to provisioning for those much-awaited retirement years. But before we start with investing to enhance our future, did we secure our Present and Future finances. How?

Firstly a basic insurance plan … easy on the pockets but very essential ‘a Term Plan’. In case of an unseen eventuality, our family’s financial requirements have to be secured. Even though emotional loss cannot be compensated, a financial one can give some relief.

Insurance which protects
Protect your family

In this age of pollution, stress and sedentary lifestyle, the probability of incurring medical expenditure is high. And this causing a dent in our pockets and acting as a speed breaker to our planned investments is a certainty. Hence, the importance of a Health plan cannot be over-emphasized. The earlier we start, the lesser the premium we pay. Plus higher the chance of taking the advantage of No Claim Bonus and getting that extra cover at lesser cost!

After having finished with these two vital things i.e. investment for life and investment for health … we can start planning for the rest of our goals.

Life is Fantastic when you have Good Health. And Health is Wealth. So plan with your Wealth to enjoy a Lively Life, Healthy Health and a Wealthy Wealth.

One thought on “Goals are a Priority but Do You Prioritize your Goals?

  1. Fantastic thoughts. Impressed & convinced with the example of a biker :). Its true that we must prioritize our needs, necessities. Normally people think, this insurance is not my cup of tea. these are for rich. Where as actually it is for those who really do not have that EXTRA money to spend in case of health issues. Same goes for term plan. A layman might not have a hefty savings to make a good living for his / her family after him / her, so a term plan is also a must.
    It definitely struck my mind. I have medical insurance. Now I will go for term plan.

    Thanks for opening a lot of eyes from the deep sleep…!!!

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