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For most of us the act of Savings comes naturally …but investing is more or less an option which some practice and some don’t.

And why so? Our yester-generation was more inclined towards savings. Remember as children, how happy we felt showing off our colorful bank passbooks. Or how proud we felt saving up for buying surprise birthday gifts for our parents. That’s how early the ‘Savings’ discipline was seeded in us.

Savings Account for Children
Savings Account for Children

But what about investments… Actually, the Financial Markets were not as evolved then, as it is now … So investments took the back seat.

If we had started investing at the tender age in which we started savings … am sure most of us would have been at least ‘Lakhpaties’ before we even started with our first job.

Our generation next … is super-evolved. They are very well versed with the Power of Money. The little geniuses use internet technology expertly. Think they are aptly poised for learning the magic of investments.

The Little Genius
The Little Genius

We could start inculcating the ‘Investment’ discipline in simple ways …say by investing cash-gift received on their birthdays in mutual funds. We could then share the investment details with them and let them track the value of investments on their own. Am sure most children would be excited to see the investment value growing. In case markets are not that optimistic … then they would also try to learn the reasons for nonperformance.

We can do the same with Equity Shares … only that parents will have to buy in their own names as minors are not allowed to hold direct equity investment

If there are a group of children and each child has an investment to track …it will almost be like a game to see whose investment increases the most.

This way children will get exposure to financial markets … naturally. Their fundamentals will be crystal clear …even without actually making efforts to teach them.

Learn Investments Naturally
Learn Investments Naturally

Once these Generation Next Geniuses start earning … investment will no longer be an option…it will just be a way of life.

So it’s up to us to make efforts for them now for their effortless tomorrow.

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