Blind-man’s Buff Investing!

Blind-man’s Buff has been one of the most popular children’s games for centuries. . Even after we have grown up… we continue to play the same ..but in different avatars. Remember those high school days , when we copied the seemingly right answers from our next desk neighbor or that sneak peek into our friend’s answer sheet , to confirm the balance sheet figures match. There was no deliberations as to what was the correct answer , but as long as the answers matched, we were complacent. Even though the times have changed , but things are just the same. When we think about investing , the first thing we do is find out where and how our friends have invested.

As Investment Advisors , when we ask clients the buying rationale underlying a particular Mutual Fund Investment, the most common answer we get is ‘ my friend also bought’ . Now this ‘Friend’ must also have bought at another ‘ Friend’s suggestion’ and with these continuous friendly advises we continue to play the Blind-man’s Buff .

Mutual Funds even though are passive form of investments , selecting the correct fund and the correct scheme is quintessential . Either we take time off from our busy schedule, understand Mutual Funds from Basics …. do an in-depth study of funds …current market scenario and then take an educated conjecture for the Right Fund… But that again will be too much of time consuming work ….In this age of Two-minute noodles, the easy way would be to contact an Investment Advisor and take the right advise tailor-made to suit your requirements.

….After all, it’s your hard earned money and Blind-man’s Buff ……still a child’s play.

One thought on “Blind-man’s Buff Investing!

  1. So true. Fantabulous article. All around us, generally all the people, do all the hard work by day & night & earn money but while investing, they jus follow the ” Friend’s advice “. As you rightly said, the easy & most appropriate way is to contact an investment advisor & take the right advise tailor made to suit your requirements.

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